The Fox and the Grapes

One truly hot August day, a Fox while strolling through an orchard passed under a grape trellis. Looking up, he saw in a corner of the trellis a beautifully shaped bunch of golden, ripe grapes. Licking his lips as a fox does, he thought: "Those grapes are exactly what I need in a scorcher of a day like this to quench my terrible thirst."
Trouble was that the bunch appeared to be out of the Foxe's reach. "Nothing to it," the Fox thought, and taking a few steps back, he ran and jumped at the grapes.
But they were really high, and Mr. Fox missed them by more than ten fox ears.
"Oh, so," says the Fox, and going even farther back this time, he ran his fast foxy run, jumped as high as he could, and missed again.
The grapes looked even more juicy and desirable to the Fox now; so going even farther back this time, he ran and jumped once more. But to no avail.
After two or three more misses, the fox looked one more time at the juicy, golden grapes, and then perspiring and panting moved slowly away saying: "They really look sour to me."

All of us tend to rationalize our failures.

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