The Ant and the Grasshopper

In a beautiful, hot summer day, a Grasshopper kept hopping and chirping and singing to his heart's content. As he was doing that, he observed an Ant slowly moving by, carrying along with great toil an ear of corn.
"Drop that corn," said the Grasshopper, "and come and play with me. Why toil with that corn right now, when as you can see, there is plenty of corn around to eat any time you want to."
"I can not do that," said the Ant, "for I have to collect some corn and save it for the winter. If you were smart, you would be doing the same."
"Why bother with it right now," said the Grasshopper; "the corn is going to be around for some time to come, and you can always do that later."
But the Ant would not listen to that kind of talk, and he continued his toil.
. . . .
When winter came, the Grasshopper found himself without food. One cold day, freezing and dying, he thought of the ant and his advice: "If I had only listened to the Ant," he thought, "I would not be dying right now."

A person should carefully plan for his future.

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