the shepherd's boy

a young shepherd boy who tended his sheep alone at the foot of a mountain felt lonely doing that day after day.
then, one day, he came up with a plan on how to spice up his lonely life.
thinking of his plan for a day or two, he finally decided that it was time to give it a try. whereupon, he rushed down the mountain, screaming at the top of his voice: "wolf, wolf."
the villagers heard him screaming and rushed to help, but they soon realized that it was nothing more than a young boy's trick.
but now that they were there, they stayed with the shepherd boy for a while talking and having a good time.
the boy felt happy that day, though he had tricked his fellow villagers.
he let a few days pass by, and then he tried the same trick again. and once again the villagers came to his help, for they felt that there was no way that the boy would have used the same trick again. but they, of course, were mistaken.
now it came to pass that a short time afterwards, a wolf actually did come out of the woods, and the boy scared and in need of help run down to the village screaming and crying, "wolf, wolf."
but when the villagers heard him screaming this time, they felt that they had more importand things to do than fall pray to the sheperd boy's lies. so the wolf had a feast of his sheep.

a person who lies can not be trusted.

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