1. MAMEs

If you like classic games but you wish there was some way to play them on your present computer, you are in luck!
Such tools do exist; they are called EMULATORS or MAMEs; and to top it all, they are free!
M.A.M.E. STANDS FOR Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator.
In short, AN EMULATOR is a software program which makes your computer behave like ( or emulate) the original game board(cpu) these games were designed to work with.
Though there are a number of such programs available at this time, i will mention only four basic types for a couple of reasons:
1. Because i believe that these emulators are the best of the genre.
2. Once you have had a chance to use these few, it will be easy to search the internet for more.

2. Game ROMs

In addition to these emulators, you naturally need game ROM images to get you off and running; i.e., software based images of the games that you already own.
I will provide you with a number of sites which provide such images.
There are some legal issues involved in using these roms, so please read carefully the readme.txt files which come with your emulators concerning these issues.
These same files contain also specific intructions on how to use both emulators and roms.

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