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Kostas Ouranis

Ouranis (1850 - 1953) was born in Constantinople, the son of Nikolaos Niarchos and Algeliky Giannusi.He received his Elementary and High School educations in Leonidio and Nafplion, Greece and Constantinople, Turkey, respectively; and his college education in Paris, France. In 1920, he was appointed Greek Consul General of Lisbon, Portugal; and in 1924 he settled in Athens, where he subsequently held a number of prominent journalistic and managerial positions in a number of newspapers and magazines there. He died in the Athens area on 12 June 1953.

His poetic works published prior to his death include: "Like Dreams" (1909), "Spleen" (1912), and "Nostalgias" (1920). He is known as the last Greek romanticist of the modern times.