Plagiarism and Copyright Infringement.

The intent of this page is to provide a list of the sites or individuals that plagiarize the contents of my site for personal benefits.

As you, the visitor to my site, probably know, plagiarism on the internet is widespread, and it is becoming worse with time.

One of the ways to curtail it somewhat is for you to get involved and let these people know that you do not condone of their despicable ways and dishonesty. Let them know that plagiarism and copyright infringement are synonymous to stealing.
Ridicule them for their actions and their inability to do on their own what they are stealing from others.
And especially do not be fooled. These people often have 'successful' sites, and they are at times considered the 'pillars' of our societies.

I had a few years back a case of a PhD teaching in one of the universities in Florida who had a site on the internet for his students based primarily on the contents of my site.
My poetry was on that site with my name removed from all poems.
When I confronted him, he had the audacity to write me that my name was mentioned on his site.
Oh, yes, my name was there in his list of suggested sites, but the url of my site was wrong. There was not a single reference, right where the translations were, informing the student where the translations came from!
But at least this person quickly removed his site from the internet soon after.

Then, there are others that take my translations, change a few words here and there, and then publish them in their sites or even successful books as their own translations!

I plan to slowly list them all if their cases are not satisfactorily resolved.

The first one, and possibly one of the worst, is Mr. Teymur:
Domain Name:
Registrant: Cengiz Teymur
Paris, France
Fax: +33 1 5301 4483
Visit his site and look at his "lapathiotis" and "ouranis" pages.
Both pages stolen from my site, my name as the translator removed, and then both pages published under his name!!!!!

Click here to see the history of a previous case with him.

If you agree that what he is doing is outright wrong, send him a fax or a message. Tell him what you think of his actions and his plagiaristic ways.

So what is the bottom line:
The bottom line is that both you and I are losers because of the actions of these individuals:
I because I lost interest putting on the internet my works.
You, as a lover of good poetry, will never have a chance to read any addditional translations by me of other Greek poems .

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